Vinegar Hill Real Estate

Vinegar Hill Real Estate

Pushed into a corner of the waterfront that looks ignored by time the Vinegar Hill area is a few blocks wide and a few long. Despite its new developments, Vinegar Hill Real Estate still feels as isolated and unassuming as in decades past. For the most part, peace still reigns along the cobblestone alleys, except the noise from trucks from the Con Edison Factory plant by the waterfront or even the Damascus Bakery, that historically soaks the air with the unique smell of baking bread. These are notes that industry still has a presence, as it did in the past when the neighborhood was a community for workers at the Navy Yard next door.

Historical Charm nestled in Brooklyn

The regions name comes from an Irish Rebellion in 1798 (one classical theory has it that the moniker was picked to attract immigrants from Ireland). It is no bigger than 9 or 10 blocks with no more than a few hundred residents. Although Vinegar Hill residents appreciate the many services found at Dumbo; they are disturbed by the amount of traffic and the light blockage from the new condo towers.

Hudson Avenues area is still the focal point of Vinegar Hill even though it has just one establishment: the famous Vinegar Hill House. The road sided by rows of pre-civil war houses has an even older structure: The Commandants Mansions. Built in 1806 this estate overlooks the east river from behind.

Vinegar Hill Real Estate Development

Vinegar Hill may start to see the development of new business. The city is interested in developing the old Navy Yard. However, many preservation groups are not interested. Vinegar Hill Real Estate is sought after because it is one of the most accessible places to buy in east Brooklyn. While it’s surrounding neighbors are booming with new construction, this old town remains quaint as though time has stopped. For more information on properties in Vinegar Hill consult one of our agents with exclusive listings in the area. Whether you are buying or selling a home in Vinegar Hill, the knowledgeable team at WEICHERT REALTORS® – The Franzese Group can help you. Please call one of our Real Estate Agents today at (718) 942-5050 or fill out our contact form on this page.

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