7 of the Top Restaurants in Brooklyn Neighborhoods


We love Brooklyn and everything about it, including the amazing variety of food that the city has to offer. Part of the excitement about moving to a new city is getting to explore it. New York City has one of the most diverse populations in the world. Because of the diversity in Brooklyn, there are numerous delicious restaurants. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 highest rated restaurants all over the city.

1. Brooklyn Beet Company in Bay Ridge

If you’re looking for a small farm-to-table kitchen with Central European comfort-fare, then you’ve found the right place. The Brooklyn Beet Company offers a wide selection of craft beers as well as sustainable wines. We recommend that you try the deep fried burger. They wrap a medium rare, grass-fed burger in a Hungarian pastry known as langos. They are also well known for their brunch selections.

Bay Ridge has recently become one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The diverse culture in the neighborhood lends itself incredibly well to diverse restaurant options. This Hungarian owned restaurant is no different.

2. Parc Oasis Oyster Bar in Dyker Heights

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant for date night or celebrating an anniversary, Parc Oasis is the spot for you. The dimly light room lends itself to a quiet, romantic evening. If raw seafood is your favorite, then Parc Oasis is a must try. The raw sampler is a great way to start. Also, people rave about the lobster roll and waffle fries.

Dyker Heights is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Brooklyn. One of the reasons that this neighborhood is so desired is the fact that zoning policies have kept out high-rises and kept density low. These zoning laws have made it so that restaurants like Parc Oasis are the norm instead of large chain restaurants.

3. Liu’s Shanghai in Bath Beach

You may think that the inclusion of a little Chinese restaurant on a list such as this is an overstatement. However, if you ask the locals, this place is delicious. Serving traditional Chinese fair next to more Americanized plates, this place has everything you could want. People rave about the soup and dumplings.

Bath Beach is a working class neighborhood in Brooklyn. Quick access to public transportation and a nearby waterfront makes this location excellent. This eclectic neighborhood is a great place to live.

4. L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend

New York restaurants are famous for their pizza, and L&B Spumoni Gardens is no different. Their Sicilian pizza is all the rage in Brooklyn. However, this isn’t just a pizza joint. L&B Spumoni Gardens offers all kinds of Italian dishes. Of course, you will also want to try on of their famous Spumoni from which the restaurant gets its name.

Gravesend is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the nation. There is a high demand for houses in Gravesend. One of the reasons that this community is so sought after is the fact that it remains a wholesome family neighborhood.

5. Galici an Ital-American Eatery in Bensonhurst

Galici offers a wide variety of Italian and American foods. The restaurant is a nice, quiet, quaint neighborhood eatery. With awesome food and a homey feel, you’re sure to think that you are sitting in grandma’s kitchen. One of the favorite dishes are the meatballs. Also, you can enjoy a nice outdoor dining experience in the spring and summer months.

Bensonhurst is a great place to live. Recently, a lot of the older buildings have been torn down, and new condos have taken their place. Also, there is easy access to public transportation and plenty of delicious restaurants.

6. Ocean Style in Sheepshead Bay

If you are looking for Sushi in Brooklyn, Ocean Style is the restaurant for you. One of the marks of a great sushi restaurant is fresh fish and Ocean Style delivers. Ocean Style also offers a full selection of Japanese beer and saki. So, you can have a drink that pairs well with your sushi or sashimi. Ocean Style also offers a menu full of Japanese favorites.

It is rare to be able to get the seaside feel with city living like Sheepshead Bay offers. This charming neighborhood feels like a beach town with easy access to the rest of New York City.

7. Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island

It is impossible to talk about Coney Island without talking about hotdogs. Nathan’s Famous is the most popular tourist attraction in all of Coney Island, and they make a darn good hot dog. You have to try a Coney Island hot dog because as they say, when in Rome. Nathan’s Famous is also home to the yearly hot dog eating contest that has become very popular over the years.

Coney Island offers all of the vacation style living will still being close to the city. You can also take a train or bus into the city. This makes Coney Island an attractive place for people looking for homes.