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Kensington Real Estate

Kensington Real Estate is a Brooklyn neighborhood of many treasures. While traditional Brooklyn brownstones might lead some to dismiss it as of just some other part of Brooklyn, Kensington is a rich neighborhood where quiet side streets meet with the commercial to create a culture all its own. Boutiques and bodegas? Kensington Real Estate has you covered. A modern commercial corridor for both business and pleasure? It has you covered there too. How about a 19th-century barn to hitch your horse? Sure enough, you can find that in Kensington as well.

Culture and families thrive in Kensington Real Estate where its convenient location between Borough Park and Ditmas Park is attracting young families and singles alike. Its been a long haul for Kensington, but a close community of many first-time buyers ranks Kensington as one of Brooklyn’s safest neighborhoods. Traditionally, it served primarily as an area for working class residents, but an influx of shops, cafes and bars in recent years has grown its economy and value as a “hip” place to live.

Kensginton Real Estate - Residental Styles

Kensington Real Estate offers residential offerings like nowhere else in Brooklyn. Traditional brownstones, townhomes, new construction and multi-family units prize residents with some of the last affordable housing in Brooklyn at a steal’s price. Victorian mansions line quiet side streets in Kensington for an added pastoral charm.

Kensington Real Estate - Transportation

Kensington is easily accessible to the rest of Brooklyn as well as Manhattan Island. Cab rides to and from all major New York airports are less than 30 minutes away. For those looking to access Manhattan’s major business areas, a 45-minute commute by subway awaits aboard the F train.

If you need assistance in buying or selling property in Kensington, WEICHERT REALTORS® - The Franzese Group can help. Our agents are standing by now to answer your questions. Please call one of our Kensington Real Estate Agents at (718) 942-5050 today.

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