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Gerritsen Beach Real Estate

Complete seclusion - that is the only way to describe Gerritsen Beach Real Estate. This is the place to live if your truly cherish peace and quiet. 1,850 homes line its charming side streets, creating a seaside village like something out of a movie. Not to say it hasn’t been in a few. Gerritsen Beach has provided the backdrop for a couple movies including She’s the One, The Departed and Shaft.

Gerritsen Beach was struck hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Some 90% of homes received varying degrees of flood damage calling for millions of dollars in repairs. However, Gerritsen Beach is a truly close community - and it shows. For the past three years, residents and Good Samaritans have quickly helped the quaint little town rebuild. Residents have brought in experts from all over Brooklyn, New York and America to stabilize homes and their foundations to conditions stronger than they were before.

Gerritsen Beach - Community

Gerritsen Beach Real Estate is a neighborhood with a strong Irish-Catholic community with many long-standing residents referring to the community as cois farraige - Irish for “by the sea.” Activities in the area are leisurely with a few sports fields to serve athletes and parks for strolling. Fishing is a popular pastime with anglers found fishing along shores and in its marshes. Unique to Gerritsen Beach is the Gerritsen Marine Park Salt Marsh.

For more on the unique, quaint and charming neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach, read one man’s account HERE.

Gerritsen Beach - Transportation

Getting to and from Gerritsen Beach via public transportation can be a little bit of a hassle if used as the sole means of transportation. No subway lines serve the area with the closest stations adjacent in Sheepshead Bay. However, bus lines do serve the area via its main road on Gerritsen Avenue. Luckily, Gerritsen Beach Real Estate is some of the only homes in Brooklyn to have driveways, street parking and ample parking spots for car owners.

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