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Cypress Hills Real Estate

Cypress Hills Real Estate is located in the north-easternmost part of Brooklyn, just north of Canarsie. East New York is bordered by the Cemetery of the Evergreens to the north (Jamaica Avenue), the neighborhood of City Line to the east, Canarsie and New Lots to the south (East 108th Street), and Brownsville & Bed-Stuy to the west (Rockaway Avenue).

Initially a commuter town that sprung up around mass-transit train lines in the 1830’s, Cypress Hills has witnessed waves of immigration throughout its history. As a result, the neighborhood offers a wide variety of multi-ethnic eateries and specialty shops. German, Irish, Italian and Polish descent predominated from the end of the last century into the first half of this one. In the late 70’s and early 80’s a large influx of blacks and Latinos, including Dominicans and Central Americans and some South Americans, especially from Guyana, settled in the neighborhood. More recent arrivals are Haitians, Jamaicans, Indians, Pakistanis, Koreans and some Chinese.

Cypress Hills Real Estate, snuggled just to the north of East New York and abutting Woodhaven, Queens to the east, is one of the last remaining affordable options in East New York. Today, sections of Cypress Hills are included in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s broad plan to rezone the adjacent East New York. The mayor and administration officials have spent the year pushing an affordable housing plan that calls on rezoning the neighborhoods, adding some 1,200 units through 2017. The region offers a selection of parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. The 3.3-acre Evergreen Park, adjoining Cemetery of the Evergreens, and the 4,000-plus-acre Jamaica Bay Wildlife Sanctuary are the crown jewels of this neighborhood’s natural areas. Also, small and medium-sized parks and playgrounds are scattered throughout East New York, providing residents with plenty of space to relax, play sports, and enjoy themselves. The City has renovated and upgraded several parks in the last few years, one example being Linden Park, which had received a $3.5-million overhaul in 2005 and now features a world-class running track, 80,000-square-foot field multi-lined for football and soccer, basketball courts, a baseball diamond, and high-tech seating & lighting.

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