Brooklyn Brownstones for Sale

Are you searching for Brooklyn brownstones for sale? Weichert Relators – The Franzese Group, Brooklyn’s premiere real estate group, has a variety of brownstone listings. Their popularity is on the rise, so now is the perfect time to buy.

What is a Brownstone?

Brownstone is a reddish-brown sandstone. In the early 20th century, it was a popular building material. In New York, the term “brownstone” refers to townhomes covered in the brownstone material. The sandstone used was mined in New Jersey and Connecticut. Brownstone is easy to work with and allowed stonemasons’ creativity to soar. Many Brooklyn Brownstones for sale are lavishly designed. This is one of the reasons these homes are so high in demand.

Where Can I Find Brownstones?

Brooklyn brownstones for sale can be found throughout the borough. Brownstones are most commonly found in these Brooklyn neighborhoods:

  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Park Slope
  • Clinton Hill
  • Bay Ridge
  • Sunset Park
  • Cobble Hill
  • Fort Greene
  • Bedford Stuyvesant

Weichert Realtors – The Franzese Group can help you locate Brooklyn brownstones for sale throughout the entire borough of Brooklyn.

Brownstone Layout

Brooklyn brownstones are also characterized by their unique layout. The outside stairs normally lead to a second level entrance known as the parlor floor. This is the formal entryway. Below the stairs is an entrance to a lower floor, called the garden floor or English basement. Why a second level entrance? It was based on health concerns of the day. The streets were often dirty with animal waste. Stairs leading to a 2nd level entry was seen as sanitary.

The parlor floors tend to be intricately designed and decorated. This makes it the perfect space for entertaining. Brooklyn brownstones are some of New York’s most exquisite homes. To view available listings, click here.

Brownstone Pricing

Here are some Brooklyn brownstone pricing facts:
Genuine Brooklyn brownstones for sale are normally about the same price as other townhomes (if your account for size, condition and neighborhood).
Wider brownstones are valued more than narrow ones. Square footage is also important, but width costs more than height.
Monthly maintenance costs are normally lower than other home styles.

Weichert Realtors – The Franzese Group

Lead by Anthony Franzese, a USAA certified member of The Brooklyn Board of Realtors, we list Brooklyn’s finest homes. Because we list so many Brooklyn properties, we can help you find an exquisite home that’s fairly priced. If you are interested in Brooklyn brownstones for sale, give us a call at 347-218-9696. Finding the home of your dreams has never been so easy.