Decorating Your Apartment: Making the Most of a Small Space

decorating your apartment

No matter how small your home is, it’s still your sanctuary. But many people think that a small space means they can’t decorate. Don’t let the size of your home prevent you from enjoying your abode. With the right decoration, you can make your small space the home of your dreams. Decorating your apartment is as easy as following these tips.

1. Use the Walls

While your apartment may only be a few hundred square feet, you have extra space on your walls. Take advantage of all your real estate. If you install shelves, you can create something interesting to look at as well as add extra storage space. Long and narrow shelves are great for decorating your apartment because they don’t get in your way. While they stick close to the walls, they also give you a place to keep your belongings.

If you have high ceilings, consider installing high shelves that serve as decoration. Although you might not be able to reach the shelves, you can use them to store items that take up space. Instead of keeping your old book collection underneath your bed, store it on your shelves. Or, take those old trinkets you collected while traveling and put them on display. When you find a home for your items, you can free up more living space.

In addition to adding shelves to your walls, you can also add your photographs. They make an apartment feel more like a home and give it some character. As an added benefit, hanging your pictures means they aren’t taking up space somewhere.

2. Use Some Visual Trickery When Decorating Your Apartment

Decorating your apartment can make your space seem larger than reality. To accomplish this goal, you need to use some visual trickery. For example, consider buying a sofa that has no arms. This can make the area around the sofa seem bigger than it is. Another way to trick the eye is to use a variety of lighting. If you use floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps, the lighting works together to give the room depth. Additionally, it adds more character to your space. You can choose lighting features that embrace your style and flair.

While you might be tempted to decorate your space with sharp-edged furniture, you might want to rethink that tactic. Decorating your apartment with curved furniture can make your space appear more spacious. Curved pieces give guests the illusion that the room flows. Meanwhile, straight furniture that’s flush with the wall may make them feel constrained, It’s also easier to move curved furniture around to create new space. When you have guests over, you can adjust your furniture as needed.

3. Add Some Greenery

Nothing brightens up a space like some greenery. By bringing the outdoors inside, you can make your place seem more vibrant and more spacious. Instead of incorporating floor plants that take up valuable space, try hanging some plants in baskets from hooks on the wall. If you’re into the DIY movement, you can rig up some wall planters. Even an outdoor windowsill planter can brighten up your living space.

With a little greenery, you can add a lot of personality to your apartment. If you enjoy cooking, you can plant some herbs. They smell great, give visitors something to look at, and give you ingredients for your recipes. In a small space, something as practical as an herb garden is worthwhile.

4. Use Your Personal Effects as Decoration

The biggest problem with small apartments is usually the storage – or lack thereof. You might have your only closet full to the brim with things that you never use. However, you don’t need to hide away all of your possessions. Instead, proudly display them. Go through your belongings and look at them from a visitors perspective. If you find something that you think a visitor might find appealing, display it. It will save you storage space and give your visitors something to talk about. When you look at it, it may spark a happy memory.

Even your shoes can serve as decoration. If you have a small space, don’t be afraid to store your shoes in shelving on the walls. There is beauty in the simplest of things. Find beauty in your belongings and make them useful as decoration. You may be able to throw out your storage bin and create more room for living.

5. Take Advantage of All Your Space

There is more space in your apartment than you might think. When you’re decorating your apartment, be sure to make use of all the space. If you see any small nooks, think of ways to use them. You might be able to fit a small cabinet in one nook and a desk in another. Don’t be afraid to get vertical and stack pieces of furniture.Get as creative as you need to with your furniture. With a little creativity, you might make your apartment larger than life.