Brooklyn Families – Fun Things to Do on the Weekend

brooklyn families

Brooklyn is an up-and-coming area of New York City with no shortage of fun things to do. For that reason, Brooklyn families can find plenty of things to do to keep busy. On your next weekend, take advantage of some of the fun activities right in your backyard. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Located on Washington Avenue, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is a great place for weekend fun. Some of the gardens, like the Discover Garden, are made specifically for kids. Featuring hands-on exhibits, children can explore a variety of habitats and develop a love of nature.

In addition to featuring some beautifully landscaped gardens, the attraction often has fun family-friendly events. They offer kids’ discovery stations that allow children to explore plants in a hands-on way. When you want the whole family to explore nature, you can check out one of their Family Discovery Weekends. Even toddlers can join in on the fun; the First Discoveries for Toddlers focuses on helping toddlers explore nature.

One of the best things about the gardens is the price. Children under 12 are free, and you can get free admission if you pay for an annual membership. While you may have to pay for some of the special events, it’s well worth the price. Brooklyn families have a lot to do at the Gardens.

2. Coney Island

If you haven’t yet explored Coney Island, it’s time you did. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent attendee, Coney Island is a great place for local fun. Visiting gives you a taste of history and a taste of the beach life, all in the vicinity of your Brooklyn home.

One of the first things you should check out in Coney Island is the boardwalk. The boardwalk takes you on a colorful journey to the beach. There are about three miles of beaches to explore, which can keep you busy for awhile. When you need to get away from the stress of day-to-day living, Coney Island’s beach may be enough for you to recover fully. It’s a mini-vacation close to your home.

But there’s much more than the beach in Coney Island. You can check out the Abe Stark Skating Arena, or take in a show at the Amphitheatre. To explore some local history, you can check out the Coney Island Museum. Brooklyn families can teach their kids an appreciation for the arts by checking out some of the art walls. There are many weekends full of fun at Coney Island, and that doesn’t include all the fun events you can enjoy there.

3. New York Transit Museum

While some kids cringe at the mention of the word “museum,” that might change when you take them to the New York Transit Museum. Every week, the museum has a Transit Tots event. Open to kids between the ages of two and five, the event lets children and their Brooklyn families play games and hear stories. There are many other kid-friendly events at the museum.

When you visit the museum, you and your family can learn some interesting things about the local transit history. Kids can explore old trolleys and busses and learn about the past in a hands-on way. The museum may change the way you and your kids think about public transportation.

4. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is a great way to spend any weekend. And the fun isn’t only for the kids; parents can enjoy the museum as well. There are many fun exhibits for kids to explore. For example, the Sensory Room allows children to explore and develop their senses. For nature-lovers, there’s a nature exhibit that delves into Brooklyn’s natural ecosystem. There are even a greenhouse and live animals on exhibit.Throughout the day, there are fun programs in which children can participate. Some examples include story time, Totally Tots, and a Brooklyn Block and Lab Studio.

While you’re at the museum, you may be tempted to explore the exhibits yourself. And that’s fine too. The museum brings out the kid in everyone and is a fun attraction for Brooklyn families.

5. Brooklyn Bridge Park

There are many great parks to explore in Brooklyn. However, one of the most impressive is Brooklyn Bridge Park. You can go rock climbing, fishing, skating, kayaking, and more. And of course, there’s an impressive playground. While the kids play, parents can enjoy a variety of tasty food options.

Other Activities for Brooklyn Families

Brooklyn alone has many fun activities for families. But one of the best things about living in Brooklyn is that you can explore the rest of New York City. When you live here, your weekends can be full of fun activities and excitement.